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About Us

Who are we: Twin Jitsu is a Jiu Jitsu lifestyle brand inspired by our passion for the gentle art. We are a family company inspired by twin Jiu Jitsu practitioners. Twin Jitsu was founded in 2018 as a way to represent what we love most about Jiu Jitsu – the Journey.

When we first started our journey, we quickly realized that Jiu Jitsu was different. It forced us to think about things differently, look at things from different perspectives, and, most importantly, it challenged us in different ways. We discovered that Jiu Jitsu was a medium for personal growth. Simply put, Jiu Jitsu was a life changer.

We have experienced so many positive outcomes since starting our journey in Jiu Jitsu. As a result, we hope to play a small part in the journey of Jiu Jitsu practitioners around the world as they learn and grow from this beautiful art.

Our Business: Our business model is simple - offer high quality, affordable Kimonos and Jiu Jitsu inspired apparel.

Our Philosophy: Strive to get better each day by simply enjoying the journey.

Mahalo to all that support Twin Jitsu! Oss!