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The Collection 1.0 Kimono Review

September 04, 2019

The Collection 1.0 Kimono Review

Author: Jahred Dell, Articulate BJJ (https://articulatebjj.com/2019/09/01/twin-jitsu-gi-review/)

Twin Jitsu Gi Review

With modern styling & traditional ruggedness, Twin Jitsu Brand’s Collection 1.0 Kimono certainly stands out against the crowd. Over the last month, I’ve been putting Twin Jitsu’s premium Kimono through its paces.

The Hawaiian based company certainly know how to put together an awesome piece of gear!

First impressions

With a 450 GSM pearl weave jacket and 10 oz. ripstop pants, The Collection 1.0 Kimono is as rugged as they come. What really stood out for me was the attention to detail on the garment. The embroidery on the shoulders, in brown and teal, as well as the sublimated collar lining made for an understated yet stylish look.

The lining used for the sleeve’s cuffs, also in brown and teal, not only create a hard to grip sleeve, but also add a level of comfort that is so often missing. The rounded jacket tails and a superior cut contribute nicely to a form fitting jacket that stays in place during even the most rigorous rounds.


For a kimono to enter my regular rotation, I look for a number of things: Fit, durability and comfort. These 3 things may seem obvious, however you’d be surprised at how many kimonos I’ve owned that can’t even do 2 of these 3 things. The Collection 1.0 does all 3. Easily. Out of the bag, the A2 was already an ideal size and I saw minimal shrinkage after washing. Generally ripstop pants will see less shrinking in washes due to the material, but the jacket is where I often notice the largest impact after 2 or even 3 washes.

I haven’t had a rip, a run seam or even fraying on the embroidery. The Collection 1.0 is certainly durable. A few kimonos in my regular rotation are reaching the end of their life span after a long & intensive season. I’m pleased to substitute them for a kimono that I know will easily be able to fill the substantial shoes of some of the more rugged kimonos in my collection facing relegation.

I found the kimono to be form fitting; not too tight as to limit movement and not too loose as to present easy grips. That’s something that is sometimes overlooked when seeking out a good training or competition gi. The trade-off I’ve noticed with lightweight kimonos is that they are easier to make grips on compared to their premium counterparts. This isn’t a huge detractor, but definitely one that is large enough to make you think twice before wearing it in competition. The Collection 1.0 has a great blend of traits that I personally look for in an all round kimono, I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for versatility.

The down side when it comes to finding modern styled, premium kimonos is often the price factor, it’s clear that Twin Jitsu have considered this too as most will find their range very reasonably priced, even after shipping.

Overall, I’ve been beyond pleased with the performance of the Collection 1.0 Kimono. I prefer a minimalist style (I’m not into looking like a stock car), but the design features that are there are strong and make for a great looking garment. I prioritize reliability and comfort for getting on the mat every day in a kimono that is actually pleasing to wear. I definitely recommend Twin Jitsu and their line of premium gear.

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